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Patient Testimonials

How Dr. Lovell Saved Our Daughter's Life When The Medical Doctors Quit ...


Our oldest daughter, Courtney, was going into her senior year in high school (a stressful time under the best of circumstances), but in our case an absolute nightmare. Courtney was, and is, a highly motivated young woman - at the top of her class academically, the editor of the school yearbook and a highly successful varsity athlete - having been chosen for the U.S. Olympic Team Field Hockey Futures Program. Her dream to be able to attend one of the top colleges in the country appeared anything but unrealistic ... until two serious, freak athletic accidents occurred. During her junior year, Courtney had a head-on collision with the team's goalie. The doctors determined that Courtney had sustained a concussion and she was hospitalized for a short period. In time, things fortunately returned to normal. Courtney then attended an advanced field hockey clinic in Massachusetts. During one of the drills, she had another head-on collision and this one, less than a year after the first, was totally debilitating. Again, she was hospitalized with a concussion - with burning, radiating pain emanating from her neck that caused headaches so severe that she could not lift her head or tolerate light or noise. She was treated by the best known doctors, neurologists, psychologists and physical therapists available and subjected to countless CAT scans, MRI’s and an ever increasing regimen of ever more powerful drugs (with terrifying side-effects). Nothing worked. By November, three months after the accident, the head neurologist - a renowned pain specialist, told us that there was nothing more that could be done medically. At that point, in light of the chronic burning, radiating pain in Courtney's neck, I asked the doctor if it was possible that her neck was out of alignment causing pressure on nerves. The doctor became indignant and said, "If you are asking my opinion about using a chiropractor or osteopath, I can't say that you shouldn't and won't say that you should!" The next morning, I called Dr. Lovell. When we arrived that morning, Dr. Lovell examined Courtney. As we anticipated, Courtney's neck vertebrae were severely out of alignment. Dr. Lovell gave Courtney an adjustment and she was immediately relieved of the headache, albeit for just a few hours - but for the first time in 3 months! We took Courtney for adjustments twice daily for months and eliminated those terrible drugs. Courtney ended up graduating with her class and with honors! She attended one of the most selective colleges in the country and is now a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Lovell, and the wonders of chiropractic, truly did save a life! ...and we will forever be grateful.

-B. and M. Mongell

After a trip to the emergency room.


I finally realized that I needed to look for some other way, other than surgery, to help me improve my health.I have been working in construction for over twenty-five years. Two years ago I experienced an injury which left me with debilitating low back pain. After a trip to the hospital, lots of pain medication and more prescriptions to take home, I felt no better than when I arrived at the hospital. I was unable to work, play golf or play ball with my children. I knew that there had to be a better way for me to get healthy.After speaking to a co-worker, I decided to see a chiropractor. At this point, I was willing to try anything that was safe and could possibly help me to feel good again and be healthy. On my first visit, Dr. Lovell did a complete exam and told me that my spine was out of alignment and the vertebra was pinching on the nerve, causing my pain. Dr. Lovell then explained to me how often I need to come for adjustments and that he was certain he could help me. Finally there was hope that I would feel good again and be able to do things I love to do.After three months of care, my pain is eighty percent relieved. I feel better everyday. With ongoing care, I look forward to feeling great again and correcting my spinal problem so that I can be healthy.I want to thank the doctor and staff at American Chiropractic for supporting me on my journey to health. I couldn’t have done it without you as well as chiropractic!

-P. Holloway



When I visited American Chiropractic for the first time over 2 years ago, I was very hesitant. I wasn’t really certain what chiropractors do and I heard from other people things that made me a bit nervous. I was suffering everyday with headaches, body aches and I was tired all of the time. I had gone to my medical doctor and he referred me to two other specialists who ran thousands of dollars of tests and they repeatedly told me they found nothing wrong. Only I knew just how much I was suffering. I couldn’t stay awake at night to feed my children dinner. And I was in too much pain to exercise, which I always loved to do. My friend Beth had been telling me about American Chiropractic for months and I put off going until I couldn’t take it anymore. On my very first visit, Dr. Lovell performed a couple of tests and told me that the cause of my problems was coming from my spine and that he was certain he could help me feel better. He also answered all of my questions and eased all of my fears. I finally found a doctor that believed that I was suffering and gave me hope that I would get my life back. After 3 months of regular adjustments 3 times each week, my headaches were down from daily to only 1 a week. My body pains were nearly gone and my energy was better than ever. I actually enjoyed getting up at 6 a.m. and living a full day with my family, full of energy. Today, I am headache free and healthier than ever. I visit Dr. Lovell monthly for my wellness adjustment and I bring my family with me. They get adjusted as well because I never want them to suffer like I did. My only regret is that I didn’t go sooner. I thank all of you at American Chiropractic for giving me my life back…

-Joanne P.



I have been a firm believer in the Chiropractic lifestyle for several years now.


I have always been a believer in the body's own ability to heal and take care of itself, and I have never agreed with the attitude of today's society to take a pill for everything. Now I have found a wonderful doctor and staff who agree with me too! I have to say I was thrilled to find an exceptional doctor and staff at American Chiropractic. I must say they are truly a cut above the rest. I started going to Chiropractors seven or eight years ago after a car accident. I had herniated several disks in my lower back. At times I must say I still have some low back pain occasionally, but nothing like I had years ago! I have been to several chiropractors in the past, but Dr. Lovell is much different than your average Chiropractor. They are truly dedicated to their patients and their craft. The doctor and staff at American Chiropractic truly exemplify the meaning of Chiropractic! Since I have been going to American Chiropractic, I feel I have much more energy, and I am much healthier in general! My immune system is now at peak performance! I have not had to take so much as a single aspirin in over a year! Years ago, I would catch a cold just by using a phone someone else had used, or just being near someone with a cold, but I have to say I have not had a cold in over a year now; usually I would have a few a year! On a more personal note I also have to say my menstrual cycles are now normal and regular. Not a benefit you would normally think about, but there nonetheless! I sleep better than I ever have, and don't have the breathing, congestion and allergy problems I used to have. So to the doctor and staff at American Chiropractic, I thank you for helping my own body help itself to be healthy! I don't know what I would do without you all!

-S. Clark

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